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Behind the Author

I am a lover of words and their many forms.

Throughout my career, I have developed a sharp skill set of word mergement. Holding a bachelor’s degree in business management, my profession requires report writing for an executive level audience. A boredom arose from this sterile, analytical writing genre. This gave catalyst for creativity.

In recent years, I transitioned to crafting words utilising a dialect of mystical realism. I have produced and shared a series of linguistic pieces online. Highly introverted, I find writing to be the safest form of expression and communication. It is an outlet for processing, self-exploration, healing and transformation.

Formally baptised into the Roman Catholic community, I have felt a disconnect to that theology for much of my life.  Profound influence for change was the emergence into daily life and religious practices in Japan, where I resided for nearly 2 years. The experiences of ceremony, ritual, chanting, and meditating opened a new world. A culture underpinned by Shintoism and Buddhist theology gave birth to my spiritual baptism.

This journey helped facilitate a connection to spirit, which I have further developed through earth medicine and ritual underpinned by indigenous cultures. Key influences of my writing are connection to cultural practice or higher source.

My contribution to the published anthology, Rising Matriarch, was a deep exploration of my loss of self. A numbing existence in the season of winter. A life of eyes that bared witness to only grey shades. A journey of soul death, rebirth and transformation. This debut publication topped the amazon best selling author list, within 48 hours of release.

Whilst travelling this life altering path, I met modern day Shamans, Tribal Matriarchs and powerful Circles of Women. It was this journey where I learnt of the importance to connect with a community who hold shared values, to help scaffold oneself through all stages of our life cycles.

My vision is that writing of our shadows and darkness, is a form of permission giving, to assist others to step into their own healing and transformation journeys. I believe in a world of cultural taboo, people are encouraged to disconnect from themselves and others in order to comply. I feel passionately that feelings and voices should not be muted. My belief is that written words are the echoes that ripple through generations.

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